Bozzelli's gives you space

From Foggia to the Moon

Born in Foggia, Italy, Lucio “Lou”  Bozzelli co-founded with his brother, Tony, what was originally known as “Bozzelli’s Brothers Deli."  Their business philosophy was simple:  SERVE. GOOD. FOOD.   Initially, the menu was limited to cold Italian sub sandwiches because they could not afford a grill.  Through word of mouth, the only form of advertising the believed in, their business started to grow and as their budding operation improved they expanded the menu to include hot food like steak subs and lasagna.   With laser focused commitment to quality, within a few years, Bozzelli’s became a popular destination in the Washington, DC area especially with our service men and women.   The brothers would relish the letters they would receive from troops sharing how much they missed their favorite subs while being deployed.  

Lou's brother, Tony, continued to operate the business after Lou's sudden passing in 1989. To honor Lou's legacy, his wife and children looked to the stars for inspiration--hence, the spaceman--and relaunched the shop in 2003 as Bozzelli's®.  

Now with five stores in Arlington, Newington, Springfield, Washington, DC  and Georgetown the family continues to work everyday to make Lou's dream of serving good food for the community a reality.  Thank you for your interest in our family-owned pizza shop and we hope you find time to--Make Space for Pizza™.